Executive Board and Leadership Team in Haiti


 Board of Directors (USA)


Tim Hickson - President of True Shepherd, husband, father of three and owner of his own woodworking business. Tim brings his knowledge of business along with his passion for Jesus and His mission. He combines old trusted wisdom with fresh new approaches of sustainability and partnership to help build strong Haitian communities.


Summer Johnson - Treasurer of True Shepherd, wife, mother of two and former aerospace project manager. Summer brings her knowledge of finance to help those whose calling it is to go to the ends of the earth to proclaim Christ’s name.


Steve Gilbert - Husband, father and grandfather to many, Steve is a committed and passionate follower of Jesus and His mission. Since his recent retirement he has thrown himself into many ministry opportunities, serving with a humble wholeheartedness that is infectious to all around him.


Nate Wells - Husband, father of two and senior Pastor @ Grace and Peace Church in Oceanside, CA. Nate is passionate about Haiti and serving the mission of True Shepherd. He is a gifted leader, especially in communication and story telling, either through direct conversation or video and photography.

Leadership Team (Haiti)


Antony & Marietta Duclos - Born and raised in Haiti they immigrated to the United States in the 80’s, becoming US citizens. After many years of ministry and pastoral positions in Florida and Southern California they felt the call to return to Haiti as missionaries in 2016. They now both head up the leadership of True Shepherd in Haiti. Antony & Marietta have five children and three grandchildren.


The leadership team in Haiti is made up of passionate followers of Jesus that are excited to serve in their own communities and see the Kingdom of God transform hearts. They are nurses, Pastors and local community leaders that see change is possible and are prepared to work hard to achieve it.