Duclos in Haiti


missionaires in NW Haiti 

Antony and Marietta have ministry in Haiti running through their veins. They have planted many churches in the north west region and have felt the Lord’s call for many years to return to Jean Rabel, Haiti. The north west region of Haiti is particularly impoverished; spiritually as well as monetarily, and they need leaders to help point them to Jesus. The Haitian people cry out to be taught the ways of the Lord and to be trained as disciples so that they can lead their own people to a brighter, spirit filled future. Antony and Marietta are highly respected leaders in Haiti and they have mentored many young leaders over the years. As they go out into the various communities visiting with pastors and elders, they are embraced as God’s ambassadors.

Again, thank you for not only changing lives but for bringing light and hope to the people of Haiti.
— Marietta Duclos
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new home

I’m pleased to share that the Duclos’ have settled in and are making their new house a home. The team was able to provide running water, filtered drinking water, electricity throughout the home, a stove, fridge and a host of other items. As you can see in the photos, it is a beautiful home and I give thanks to God for providing so many resources and partners to make this happen. It is such a blessing to come together with brothers and sisters from across the body such as I.C.A. (International Christian Adoptions), Cornerstone Church, Southern California District Church of the Nazarene, and True Shepherd. Through the Nazarene church and with the help of our generous donors, True Shepherd has been able to help fund the Duclos to Haiti mission for two full years. 

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true shepherd is formed

Some years ago they formed True Shepherd ministries and put together a team of like minded Nazarenes with a heart for the mission in Haiti. Now that they plan to be on the ground 24/7, they are able to take their ministry to the next level, expanding the amazing work that God has done though True Shepherd, Church of the Nazarene Southern California District and other partners. Another key component to the Duclos’ ministry is partnering with the local Jean Rabel Nazarene district superintendent and other local pastors to find solutions to the difficult problems posed in Haiti, and in particular, the Jean Rabel region. Their hope for the future is to have the Gospel heard in as many corners of Haiti as possible. Then, for that life giving message to change the hearts of Haitians and in turn their country will be transformed.