Our Mission

partnerships for lasting transformation…

Haiti is an amazing, vibrant and exciting country but it has many challenges. Ravaged by natural disasters, diseases and generations of systemic poverty, it is in desperate need of transformation. Six and a half million Haitians struggle to survive on less than $2 per day, and many go without life’s basic needs. By contrast, the developed world abounds in luxury, enjoying a greater concentration of riches than ever before.

True Shepherd endeavors to tackle these challenges in several different ways. One of the great needs in Haiti, as in much of the rest of the world, is good and moral leadership. This is never as important as at a local village and town level.

 True Shepherd believes strongly in education so we provide training and the resources for access to education along with scholarships for individuals to attend local schools and colleges. 



First Fruits Sheep Program

True Shepherd's sheep program partners with the Nazarene church in the North West district, and through the advice of the District Superintendent, we ask each church and its board to come up with 12-15 names (families and individuals), who are in most need amongst their members. True Shepherd provides a female ewe to each of these families and they in turn will be trained to care and tend the animal. The first lamb will be given back to the church as the first fruits and an offering to God. The second lamb will be theirs to own, third back to the church, etc.

More than just a sheep

Sheep are a great animal to give as a gift to those in need, especially in Haiti. They are seen as the best of animals, if you have sheep, that perhaps says something about you. They have 1-3 babies per year, and are quite resistant to disease. They also fetch premium prices at market. We can’t over state the importance of sheep ownership in rural Haiti. It really does bring more than just a material resource to a family, it also brings hope, confidence in the future, and it can transform a person's faith. It also says that God hasn’t forgotten about them.


sheep registration

Every sheep in rural Haiti gets a registration card. This identifies the owner and address of the sheep. once our sheep program has begun these documents, and so the ownership of the sheep stays with the home church and board.


caring for sheep

Unlike goats, who are tough and can take care of themselves, sheep need to be loved and cared for. They like to hear their owners voice and come when they hear it. Care and reassurance is what they crave and need and so once you receive a sheep it takes dilegent nurturing to care for it.

As you harvest your crops, bring the very best of the first harvest to the house of the LORD your God.
— Exodus 23:19
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Church Shop

We believe that a shop can bring solutions to the problem of sustainable funding. We partner with the Nazarene church that has 89 churches in this region of the North West. Each church has a board that oversees the business of the church and in most cases a church school. The income from the church shop is overseen by the church board and they make the budget choices right for them.

Learning to lead

Many churches have day schools for children, paying their teachers is an on going struggle, a shop can help provide for this. We also encourage full support for their pastor and family, impressing on the board the importance of taking care of the Pastor financially. So learning how to make tough budget choices and finding ways to work as a team therefore helps the growth of the board. Through this process, leaders are brought to the foreground and with guidance and training the board can blossom without outside influence. True Shepherd can then, after the appropriate time, start to pull back and lessen it’s input and financial help. It is slow work but it is through long standing relationships and partnerships that we can begin to see real change.


Family or church shop

A shop in rural Haiti can be a focal point for the community, a place for meeting up with friends and family. Along with the usual things for sale like, soda, chips and canned goods, a shop offers the opportunity to charge your cell phone and perhaps purchase cell phone minutes.


sustainble funding

Once an income source can be established, the church board can then decide what the funding priorities are. Most churches have a children's school like this one, which is funded by those parents that can afford to pay, the shop income can help subsidize the teachers pay, along with paying the pastor. 


Mobile Clinic

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providing healthcare


True shepherd provides funding for a full time nurse, along with the clinic built in 2013 by So Cal Nazarenes. Now the clinic is able to go mobile. This is a huge blessing to many across the region, where as a rule, if you are sick you have to go find health care, if indeed you can pay for it. True Shepherd is different, it comes to you! We travel to the remote villages and towns that no one wants to or can go. For a small patient fee, you can see a nurse, be provided with basic medication and advice. It can't be overstated what a blessing this is, people walk many miles to be part of one of these clinics. When word gets around that the clinic is coming, people come, just like in the gospels, caring their sick and needy. Much of the health care issues in the region stem from poor diet and lack of water, this produces all kinds of ailments, one of which is high blood pressure. There is much need in the North West of Haiti where government help seems to be lacking. Not only lack of food and water, but the spiritual food we each need and crave. When funding allows we give bibles to patients and pastors which will nourish the soul and transform circumstances. 

We believe in “Partnerships for Lasting Transformation”, partnerships with God, with our community and each other.
— Tim Hickson
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Adult Training School

The need for training and skills is huge in NW Haiti, this school helps those past school age to learn skills that can help them earn much needed income for their families. In the future we hope to provide not only more spaces for more students but expand into other subjects.

life changing skills

The adult training school has begun classes. True Shepherd provided many laptops, sewing machines and furniture (chairs, desks, etc) for the upcoming classes. It is very exciting and many across the district are hoping to attend. Each student will pay $12 per month to help with costs but more funding is needed in the future and we pray the Lord will provide for this incredible opportunity. These classes can be a simple stepping stone to a brighter future, having a skill can give you an edge when it comes to finding work or starting a small business. The school is a district school, that means that it is overseen by not only True Shepherd but in partnership with the Nazarene District Superintendent. With 89 churches in the district, places at this school are at a premium, and it is hoped to help those most in need. Pastors of the home churches will be choosing individuals from their congregations to attend. Classes include sewing, from simple repair to tailoring, and computer classes which are as important in Haiti as they are in the USA. When students attend theses classes 2-3 days a week, they will received a meal each day. Many have traveled great distances to attend and will sleep in the church during classes.


Pastor Leger is full of praise for the work of True Shepherd.