Greetings from the Duclos


Greetings to all the supporters of True Shepherd Ministries!

We thank God for being with us during the year 2017. We also thank him for protecting & taking care of us. We want to take this opportunity to salute your courage for being such wonderful supporters for us. Your prayers and help have kept us not only alive in our mission field but also has cause the effectiveness of the TS ministries in the Bas North-West District of Haiti.

Your contribution to such a confused World we are living  specially in The region we are serving is life Saving because there is a necessity for souls to be surrendered to Christ. Your commitment to TSM brings transformation and hope to specially the young generation. Brothers and sisters, As you are entering into the year 2018, take comfort in the fact that your prayer partner, your best friend and comrade is God himself. You can take any request to him with the assurance that he will hear you. Remember, alone we are weak but together with Christ, we are strong & victorious.

Your desire to help others pushes us to say thank you for serving with us in Haiti. Together with the district superintendent, Rev. Sinlidieu Leger, we thank you not only for bringing hope to the 89 churches in this district but also for transforming lives for the better.

May the protection & the blessing of our great God be with you all throughout the new year!

Happy new year 2018!


Sincerely yours,

Antony & Marietta Duclos for TSM in Haiti.

God Bless You

Tim Hickson