Ti Kris

Ti Kris with Pastor Antony

Ti Kris with Pastor Antony

Ti Kris was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. At the age of 3, his mom, who did not want to keep him, dropped him at a stranger's house. She told the women that she was going to buy him milk at the store and that she would be right back. She never came back for him and the next day the stranger went to the police station to report the incident. The woman was advised to wait until the mom comes back, but if not, she needed to keep Ti Kris.After a few months, the stranger who was already busy with her own children, decided to send Ti Kris to live with her friend in the Jean-Rabel area. Although Ti Kris was welcomed in Jean-Rabel, his living conditions were very poor. He was able to go to school but because of his bad attitude he was always rejected and considered a danger to the community.He was so rejected by people that he slept outside most of the time. He was left in the streets and was struggling to find food because he was considered of little value, much like a dog. At this point he was not welcomed into anyone's home, nor to school. He had no choice but to steal to survive.Last year, as Marietta and Antony were working at the Bouflette site, he came by and they questioned him about why he was not in school. They invited him to come back the next day and he was given clothes & food. They prayed with him and he was willing to come back to help. Now Ti Kris is 14 and he is in school, in church services, and he is one of our hardest workers & helpers!

The Lord has blessed this young man with a sponsor through True Shepherd that takes care of his basic needs of food, school and lodging. He helps the Duclos’ ministry and is passionate about being part of the outreach to the community with the mobile clinic and sheep program. Ti Kris would like to one day be a pastor himself and has started his own children’s church in the village of Bouflette. He also helps teach Sunday school in the church.

May God bless him!


Tim Hickson