Pastors Retreat

Greetings! Brothers & sisters, we salute you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are very grateful to Our Father God for keeping us safe and to you True Shepherd for keeping us in your daily prayers.

The pastor's camp was completed this past weekend. It was a great experience for many, especially for those who attended for the first time. The district superintendent was very happy to welcome not only the pastors but more importantly to bring appreciation to True Shepherd Ministries (as well as the Southern California District of the Nazarene) for bringing changes & support to the North West District.


As guest speakers for the camp, Marietta & I felt the necessity for all of the leaders to walk to the foundation of our unfinished guesthouse with us to pray for God's provision to finish the building. Below, is the foundation of the future guesthouse which will be crucial for the development of district activities and to receive guests & missionaries.

There was excitement among the pastor's wives as they were singing together with the pastors. Marietta had a separated time with the pastor's wives to talk about who they are in Christ.

Information was given about the role of True Shepherd Ministries in the North West District, and also, Bibles and gospel tracks were distributed for evangelization.

Thanks to your support the attendees enjoyed Caribbean food and had a wonderful time refreshing their souls and fellowshipping together for three days.


We also want to take this opportunity to thank God and a mission minded servant in San Diego for helping us building this below outdoor toilet and the unfinished kitchen that will be very important for district activities and for the development of True Shepherd ministries.


By observing the end of the camp activities, we could see joy and unity among each other. We are quickly reminded of Psalm 133 that says: how wonderful and pleasant it is, when brothers live together in harmony... that is where the Lord has pronounced his blessing, even life forevermore.

Thank you for serving together with us!

May you be well protected & blessed!

Your Brother & Sister in Christ,

Antony & Marietta Duclos

Tim Hickson