Summer Children’s Event

This past July a team from Southern California partnered with the local district leadership to plan a one day childrens event. 300+ children from across the district came and enjoyed bible teaching, food and fun, every child returned home with their own bible. It was a huge blessing, not only for the children but also for those serving that day. There was such a spirit of joy and excitement as we gathered, singing worship songs, playing games and spending lots of time together. The Bibles they received for most of them would be  the only book they or their family own. It will be read aloud to those that can not read and shared with neighbors and friends. Wow what a blessing! A big thank you to International Christian Adoptions in Temecula for help with funding this event. Their heart and passion for children is incredible, without publicity or fanfare ICA are making a difference in childrens lives acoss the world.

Tim Hickson