Our Mission:

Partnerships for Lasting Transformation.

We partner with the people of rural Haiti to provide simple, sustainable solutions for the economically impoverished nation of Haiti.


Our Mission

Through the life giving message of Jesus Christ and His Gospel, we endeavor to build strong relationships on the ground, that in turn it will produce lasting transformation. We believe in equipping the next generation of Haitian leaders with sound biblical wisdom and material resources so they can lead their own communities into a healthier more stable future.

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Our Programs

Haiti is an amazing, vibrant and exciting country but it has many challenges. Ravaged by natural disasters, diseases and generations of systemic poverty, it is in desperate need of transformation. Six and a half million Haitians struggle to survive on less than $2 per day, and many go without life’s basic needs. By contrast, the developed world abounds in luxury, enjoying a greater concentration of riches than ever before.

True Shepherd endeavors to tackle these challenges in several different ways.


sheep program

Sheep are a great animal to give as a gift to those in need, especially in Haiti. They are seen as the best of animals, if you have sheep, that perhaps says something about you. They have 1-3 babies per year, and are quite resistant to disease. They also fetch premium prices at market. 

church shops

Churches struggle to pay their Pastors and their school teachers, a shop can provide a simple, consistent income. The  day to day running and finances of the shop are overseen by the church board, they make the decisions on how the funds are spent. We have found it to be a effective way to provide help without hurting the community.

adult training

At our district wide adult school classes are offered in English, sewing and computers and can be a simple stepping stone to a brighter future, having a skill can give you an edge when it comes to finding work or starting a small business. Students pay as little as $15 per month to attend, but the it can change their lives forever.

Mobile cliincs

We provide a nurse and medications to the remote towns and villages of NW Haiti. This is a huge blessing to many people who don't have any access to health care, sometimes a many hours walk to the nearest help. 

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Our Impact

The mission in NW Haiti has been a huge success with our sheep program extending now to 8 churches and counting, with over 100 sheep gifted to those most in need across the district. 12 churches have had our mobile clinic come visit with a trained nurse and medications, many 100s have benefited from care in some of the most remote areas of the district. We have been able to start 3 church shops, with two more planned in the next few months, bringing much needed income for some of most impoverished church communities in Haiti.



sheep given to families in need

Our sheep program continues to have a  huge effect across the NW region, with many more churches being included in the coming months. 



Years Serving communities 

Between the Duclos's (missionaries to Haiti), the Nazarene church and True Shepherd, the partnership with NW Haiti runs to over a decade.



recieved health care

Our mobile clinics are a huge blessing to the remote communities that struggle to find health care.

We are in a huge spiritual battle, please keep us in your prayers. There is no doubt that by ourselves we shall be weak but with God’s presence, True Shepherd Ministries is already a success in Haiti.
— Antony Duclos


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